Travel Essentials

Beauty Travel 16. April 2019 0 Comments

I have flown quite a bit the last couple of years, due to the fact that I did an around the world trip and that I constantly have the so called: travel bug. Even though I travel to a different destination every time, I always have my travel essentials with me, whether they are beauty products or clothing essentials. Since…

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Ready to face your fears?

Beauty 26. October 2018 0 Comments

  Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought I would do something I have never done before here on Halloween is not a very common holiday in Switzerland, but ever since we were little girls, my sister and I would dress up and go Trick or Treating. Up to this day, I love to dress up for any…

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Beauty Collaboration 13. June 2016 2 Comments

Do you know that feeling of a hot, humid day, when everything feels sticky and uncomfortable? And when you just wanna jump into the next cool water next to you? Yep, I have that loads of times! Especially while travelling in hot and humid countries and not being able to take a swim or cool down in an airconditioned room.…

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Beauty Collaboration 13. June 2016 0 Comments

When it comes to beauty products I am definitely the one who is desprete  to try out every single one that is out there. Being at the beach for so long now and my skin being exposed to the sun, salt and sand almost all day long, it is very important to treat your skin with care. I recently discovered…

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Beauty Fashion 1. June 2016 1 Comments

While traveling along the South African coast, we found this beautiful spot a little bit outside of Plettenberg. Right before you enter on top of a hill, was this hidden get-away called Alkantmooi. You share the spot with maybe two or three other guests and a lot of birds who mostly hide in the forest which surrounds you completely. To…

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Less is more

Beauty 25. April 2016 24 Comments

Sometimes less is more. As much as I love extravagant clothes, big hair and breathtaking Make-Up, there are some moments where you just want to keep it simple. My hair is naturally straight, but I like to experiment with it a lot. Not the colour though, but structure and style. From messy buns to Amber Fillerup inspired braids to a…

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